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In the centre of great results is a team that acts in concert. The success of a company is being driven by its workforce. This is why we focus on each individual to encourage their strengths. A flat hierarchy ensures that we master all challenges together and stay in high spirits.



Who could have foreseen that what Sylvia started as a freelancer in 2009 would become what it is today. With her years of experience as head of design and her strong ability for shapes, colours and range design her set of skills was immediately convincing on the market. Today she is supported by a proficient team which she keeps occupied and in good spirits with her perfectionism and good sense of humour.



Being the first to support Sylvia during her journey to developing KORN fashion concept, Rabea has been with the company almost from the start. She knows all procedures in the company starting with trend research up until the finishing line in manufacturing inside out. Her meticulous, well trained eyes won‘t miss a mistake. At the moment she supports the team part time so that we don‘t have to miss out on her expertise during the development of the collections.



As the company grew a new member was recruited to join the team. This was Svenja. She is our very own social media expert who does not miss any hot new blogger and monitors up and coming online trends. This is to be recognized by her exceptional personal style in the office on an everyday basis. Svenja is not only incorporating her creativity into her own hair styles and outfits but brings it into our work also.



Franziska, also known as Franzi within our team, found her way into our office during her time studying fashion management. With her flexibility and her creativity she soon became indispensable to our design. Thanks to her positive nature she spreads optimism and motiviation across the team. She is not scared of new tasks and seems to become more dynamic with every challenge.



Simone enriches our team since 2017 not only through her years of experience in the international fashion industry. She keeps a consistent overview of our workload and knows the to dos. Being a mum of two little boys this powerhouse of a woman knows a thing or two about multi tasking. Furthermore, she inspires the team with her extraordinary lunch creations.



Our creative mind Nicole is based at our London office and makes sure that we do not miss any fashion trends. She has an overview of the flood of trend information and manages every creative challenge without any problems. Visiting our office in Germany regularly, she is not only bringing with her excellent british snacks but always providing us with fresh input and new ideas for our work.



Leda is our number one go to team member in order to develop work sheet foundations systematically. Naturally, she is not only very organised but also a great asset to our creative work. A special talent of hers is patience when it comes to very detailed artworks. Her work is precisely coordinated with the customer‘s needs.



Matthias – our most flamboyant personality. Without him our office life would be considerably less colourful and entertaining. It is a recognisable fact in the everyday that one of his main personal interests is musical theatre. As an enthusiastic tailor he will always have an answer when it comes to workmanship. Every task ending up in his hands is being thought out in every detail and worked out with a lot of care.



Louisa found her way to us in 2018 as additional support to the team after she graduated from fashion college. She is the first one in the office every morning, always fresh and motivated and whips up technical drawings, work sheets and artworks like she has never done anything else in her life. Furthermore we were able to see that we can always count on our youngest team member.



Birgit is our good soul within team Korn. Following many years of work experience in other industries, she is now with us since November 2018. Birgit takes a load off of our backs through dealing with all administrative and organisational office work and book keeping. On the side she also holds function as our feel good manager.



Our latest team member Alessa is a bachelor graduate whom brings a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm for the fashion world. Always up to date. She is sporty and dynamic which reflects in her approach to working. We are happy to have gained further support and new influences in our team.


Alongside many creatives with their background based in fashion we found another creative mind in Philipp, our strategist and troubleshooter. His task force is to drive the KORN fashion concept team forward and to develop it further. With his broad knowledge as lawyer and entrepreneur he is here to support us with his advice and always witty and quick at repartee.



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